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Package Description

This repository consists of several packages as listed below:

agent_bringupROS package which helps robot to connect to the server. This package is to be deloyed on turtlebot.
server_listenerROS package used for connecting to remote robots, subscribe to desired topics as 'json' message and republish it as ros message under /robot_name/topic on the server.
server_slamROS package used to perform slam offboard i.e. on the server
server_publisherROS package that uses server_slam and server_listener package and completes entire workflow pipeline to fetch, compute and publish data back to the robot.
website_front_endThis folder contains website files which help user to connect their robot to the server
nginx_scriptsThis folder contains NGINX scripts I wrote for my server. It can be used as a tempelate.
cellular_resourcesSome helpful resources for robots on cellular network.

Submodule Dependencies


Author: Mihir Patel