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Usage Instructions

Server Slam

  • To use server for online slam application as shown in the video, simply launch, everything is preconfigured!
roslaunch server_publisher publisher.launch front_end_listener:=true local_port:=9090 server_port:=9090
  • There are multiple roslaunch included in one another, Please check individual packages Readme for their description and usage.

Client Robot instructions


  • If you are using a turtlebot, you may use our agent_bringup package on your robot. This package allows you to effortlessly connect your robot to the server.
  • Detailed instructions on installation are given in the agent_bringup folder.

Other Robots

  • If you are using any other robot, launch
roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch port:=9090 websocket_external_port:=80
  • You need to publish following topics locally and have robot_description loaded in rosparam_server
    • tf
    • tf_static
    • scan
    • joint_states

Other Application

Author: Mihir Patel